An air freight forwarder organises and manages the transportation of your goods from A to B by air.  They don’t physically move the goods but they put everything in place, liaise with all necessary parties and track the shipment.

A good freight forwarder should become an extension of your internal team, allowing you to take advantage of their network, knowledge and technological platforms.

Shipping by air has several specific requirements, many dependent on the country of destination therefore working with an experienced freight forwarder allows you to ensure you are compliant with:

Freight Documentation

Insurance (if applicable)

Customs Requirements

Packaging Standards


Is transporting freight by air costly?

The assumption is, more often than not, that transporting by air is prohibitively expensive but this is not always the case. A good independent air freight forwarder has an extensive network of airlines, both passenger and cargo, allowing them to get you the best possible rates for your shipment.


Choosing which air freight forwarder to work with

Make sure they have experience

Ask questions about their international network in your country of destination

Do they have experience of your sector, for example if you are transporting chemicals or dangerous goods do they understand the rules and regulations for transporting there items

Are they up to speed with customs requirements and paperwork

Do they have the right accreditation’s

Talk to them and get a real feel for their customer service – do they care and will they get the job done giving you peace of mind!


How do I choose a freight forwarder?
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