Freight forwarders manage your international shipping, the importing and exporting of your goods. You of course want the peace of mind that the freight forwarder you choose really knows what they are doing.

So, what do you need to consider when identifying and choosing your freight forwarder?


It’s all about their network:

The movement of goods around the world is not always a smooth process and an experienced freight forwarder will know the people to call and the processes to follow to ensure your goods are transported as smoothly and quickly as possible.   Always ask who the freight forwarder knows in your country of destination.  For example we have built an extensive network of partners around the world that we can contact as and when needed.  These relationships are crucial, and we have personally chosen everyone we work with as they are committed to great service delivery like ourselves.


A variety of transport options is essential:

An experienced freight forwarder should not be reliant on just one mode of transport.   This allows you, the customer, to be provided with a method of transportation that suits your objectives.  Speed or cost management; whatever your primary objective the type of transport used can vary therefore always ensure the freight forwarder offers air, sea and road.


They are good project managers and communicators:

Your assets are in their hands so it is only right that you should expect more than just an agreement that your goods will reach their destination.  You want to know the exact process it will take and be kept up to date throughout its journey.   Always enquire as to what exactly is covered in the rates so you can budget accordingly.


They have to know their paperwork:

Smooth transition of goods around the world is more often than not dictated by the quality of the customs paperwork and supporting packaging requirements.  Getting these even slightly wrong can slow down the process which can be detrimental to both the exporter and recipient of goods.

If they are not asking you questions about your shipment to gain a thorough understanding, they are not collecting the detail they need to prepare your shipment for its journey ahead.



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